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  • YSX056-PD mainly applied to veterinary DR, mobile DR, military field DR and vehicle-mounted DR system.
  • The pet ICU incubator maintains a stable environment of temperature and humidity. They also control hygiene levels via the use of anti-microbial plastics, air filters and negative ion generators. Ours are also a popular choice for veterinary practitioners and animal rescue centers. They are also suitable for wildlife such as hedgehog rescue.

  • Animal flat panel detector, check x-ray machine image directly on the computer.

    High performance, cassette-sized flat panel detector which has both wired and wireless version.

  • Veterinary hematology analyzer, top brand in China, 3-Diff 10.4'' touch screen, open system.

    Our main product including Color Doppler Ultrasound, Veterinary patient monitor, Veterinary ECG, Veterinary Medical Equipment etc.

  • The veterinary MRI system is suitable for dogs, cats, mouse, etc. Cost saving Clear image with fast scanning speed; Big open magnet design; Convenient for positioning Compact; Light weight and easy for installation.

wireless x-ray Flat Panel Detector to Bolivia

Ysenmed wireless x-ray Flat Panel Detector to Bolivia

YSFPD4343A is a high performance, cassette-sized flat panel detector which has both wired and wireless version.
Batterystands by for at least 8 hours.
YSFPD4343A supports IEEE 802.11ac with transmission speed up to 1300M bps.
The detectoracquires outstanding imageswith high DQE and high resolution.
Equippedwith highly sensitive AED function, the detector can be easily connected to and synchronized with any kind of generators.

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