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  • Animal Digital X-Ray Machine, can see and edit images on computer directly.

    Our main product including vet X-ray machine, Accessories and Lead protective items for x-ray room.

  • ElectricStainlessVetOperatingTable(3Models)Model:YSVET0506VetOperatingTableIntroduction:Quality#304StainlessSteelVetSurgeryTablesExternalSize:1300*600*450/1000mmA:OneendTiltableB:FlatTopwithHeaterC:WithHeaterOtherSizesarecustomizableuponrequest.VeterinarySurgeryTableFeatures:1.Operating-Tableboardhe
  • 3-DiffTouchScreenVeterinaryHaematologyAnalyserModel:YSTE320V*User-friendlyinterface 10.4inchtruecolorTFTLCD&touchscreen,morevisible Minimizethenumberofinterfacelayers,pop-upsoftkeyboard,easytooperate*Internationalizationsupport Possiblechoiceofparameterunits.Severallanguagesavailable,canswitchla
  • PortableColorDopplerVeterinaryUltrasoundScanner Model: SonoscapeS2V1.GeneralSpecification:ThehighperformancesoftheYSB-S2VDigitalVetPortableUltrasoundstemfromtheadvancedultrasoundDopplerimagingtechnologiesthatincludefulldigitalbeam-former,widedynamicrange,multi-beamprocessing,etc.Theergonomicuser-fri
  • LargeStainlessSteelCombinationVetCage Model:YSVET0510DogCageKennalSpecification:Quality#304StainlessSteelDogCageExternalSize:2400*700*2140mm2atthebottom:1200Wx820Hx700Dpercage4inthemiddle:600Wx610Hx700Dpercage5onthetop:480Wx610Hx700DpercageAlldividerscanberemovabletomaketwointoone.Withoxygencageinth
  • Veterinary Equipments To Indonesia
    Clinet from Indonesia had purchased some veterinary equipments from us YSENMED for distribution. Veterinary anesthesia laryngoscope YSVET-200HJ: Veterinary LED woods lamp  YSVET-WL365: Vet ultrasonic Scalers YSDEN-G3: Veterinary otoscope YSENT-EJ1 and Veterina
  • Veterinary Hematology Analyzer And Ultrasound Scanner to Saudi Arabia
    Our Saudi Arabia client order Veterinary hematology analyzer and ultrasound scanner from us this month. YSTE320V. 10.4 inch true color TFT LCD & touch screen, more visible. Minimize the number of interface layers, pop-up soft keyboard, easy to operate. YSB180V. With Convex probe
  • 50 Pieces Pet Hair Dryer to Turkey
    Clinet from Turkey had purchased pet hair dryers for many times. This time he purchased  50 pcs once again from us YSENMED for his pet clinic. Pet hair dryer YSVET11002:
  • Regular Client Purchase Vet X-ray Machine
    Regular Client Purchase Vet X-ray Machine Regular Client Mohamed from Congo purchased a x-ray machine YSX050-B for his vet clinic. YSX050-B is 5.0kW, 10.4'' touch screen operation, 4-way direction diagnosis table, it is totally sufficient for dogs and cats all body parts radiography. Specificat
  • Portable Veterinary Anesthesia Machine to Venezuela
    Our Venezuela client order Veterinary Anesthesia Machine from us. He asked his forwarder come our factory to check goods. Model:YSAV600PV Suitable for small animals, Jackson or Bains Absorber is available. Easy to disassemble and assemble all the components, c
  • Veterinary Equipment to Bahrain Pet Clinic
    Our old clinet from Bahrain purchased lots of veterinary equipments before. This time purchased one order again from us YSENMED for his pet clinic. Restraint bag for cat BDB01/ BDB02/ BDB03 Veterinary anesthesia laryngoscope YSVET-200HJ Oxygen genera
  • Veterinary Patient Monitor to Chile Pet Clinic
    New client from Chile had purchased one Vet patient Monitor. Now we already finish  production and arrange shipment . YSPM400V. 8.0 inch high-brightness TFT LED . ECG /RESP /SpO2/NIBP /TEMP /Lithium. Battery. YSPM400V. All accessories.
  • Veterinary Anesthesia Machine to Australia Vet Clinic
    Clinet from Australia had purchased portable vet anesthesia machine in 2019. Now bought one more once again. Portable vet anesthesia machine YSAV600PV: Veterinary anesthesia laryngoscope YSVET-200HJ
  • Veterinary High Pressure Oxygen Concentrator to Malta Vet Clinic
    Our old clinet from Malta purchased lots of veterinary equipments in 2019. This  time purchased one veterinary high pressure oxygen concentrator again from us  YSENMED for his pet clinic, which use for our veterinary anesthesia machine  YSAV602V
  • Veterinary Infusion Pump to Turkey Vet Clinic
    Clinet from Turkey has purchased 10 pcs veterinary infusion pump from us YSENMED for his pet clinic. Vet infusion pump YSSY-EB12V
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